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Mapping the Deeper Learning Literature using Cohere

Mapping the Deeper Learning Literature using Cohere

In a perfect example of Bristol/Open U. collaboration, Helen Jelfs (Grad. School Educ., Univ. Bristol and visiting OLnet Fellow, Open University) recently gave a seminar with the Open University’s Simon Buckingham Shum & Anna De Liddo. Check out the replay and slides below… [discussion page] [Cohere visual database] [more details] Mapping the “Deeper Learning” Literature using Cohere View more presentations from Simon Buckingham Shum Abstract: In this talk I will be presenting some aspects of the process of mapping ‘Deeper Learning’ literature using Cohere. ‘Deeper Learning’ focuses on the dispositions and skills of learning how to learn and enquiry-based learning, two of the most fundamental concepts for learner engagement. These dispositions and skills are at the heart of the 21st[…]

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