Mapping Deeper Learning Literature

This project is deploying the Open University’s Cohere tool to annotate and connect research literature and evidence around “deeper learning”. This is a collaboration between Simon Buckingham Shum & Anna De Liddo, working on the Open Learning Network project funded by the Hewlett Foundation, (Open U) and Helen Jelfs & Ruth Deakin Crick (U. Bristol). Helen is an OLnet Fellow, part of the project’s programme of bringing reearchers from around the world to engage with the OLnet Project’s mission to research the evidence-base for Open Education.

Background: “Deeper Learning”, as defined by the Hewlett Foundation, covers a number of sub-topics which connect to a significant educational research literature. This project will focus on the theory, methods, practice and impact of education which takes seriously the dispositions and skills of learning to learn and enquiry-based learning, two of the most fundamental concepts for learner engagement. These dispositions and skills sit at the heart of the 21st century challenges which many now recognize as pivotal to the future mission of education by preparing “K-Life” learners (i.e. from early school days, to the current workforce, and beyond) to cope with dilemmas and levels of complexity that will make unprecedented demands on them intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Purpose: To annotate and map literature relevant to deeper learning in order to build an evidence hub – which comes out of current OLnet research whilst also responding to the Hewlett Foundation’s new priority on Deeper Learning – so as to create a quality research site which will be relevant to a number of partners as well as the wider Open Educational Resource community – and contribute to an understanding of unresolved challenges.

Output: The emerging network in Cohere shows the annotated literature mapped as a meaningful network of concepts.