Blogging & Mapping in Authentic Enquiry

This project, funded by the Learning Futures programme, tunes a blogging tool to scaffold authentic enquiry-based learning. Run jointly by the Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute (Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Buckingham Shum), and University of Bristol’s Centre for Systems Learning & Leadership (Ruth Deakin Crick), EnquiryBlogger provides a set of plugins which extend one of the world’s most popular, robust, open source blogging platforms, WordPress. It is further extended with argument visualization tools to support the mapping/connecting/questioning activities of an authentic enquiry.

This presentation introduces the concept:

[slideshare id=6039473&doc=enquiryblogger-lf-dec2010-101205143629-phpapp01]

The requirements for the system have been constructed partly through workshops, in which participants have gone through an Authentic Enquiry process, either individually or in groups. The OU team has participated first as learners, and then shadowing other participants, studying how physical media such as sticky-notes, journals, pens and paper are currently used to scaffold the enquiry, in order to imagine how software for blogging and knowledge mapping would fit.

We have blogged these events as part of the project, so take a look at the kinds of processes and artifacts that emerge…

We move into trials in schools, universities and partners in Jan-July 2011.