Barbara McCombsDr Barbara McCombs  is a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Denver’s Applied Research and Technology Institute in Colorado where she directs the Human Motivation, Learning and Development Center.  Her current research is directed at new models of teaching and learning, including transformational teacher development approaches. Dr. McCombs’ concept of a K-20 seamless professional development model is described in her book, published by Jossey-Bass in March 1997 and co-authored with Jo Sue Whisler, entitled The Learner-Centered Classroom and School:  Strategies for Enhancing Student Motivation and Achievement.  Dr. McCombs is also the primary editor for the American Psychological Association’s Psychology in the Classroom:  A Series for Teaches and Teacher Educators. She is the primary author of the Learner-Centered Psychological Principles (LCPs) disseminated by the American Psychological Association. Learner-centered models of teaching and learning based on the research validated LCPs and Assessment of Learner-Centered Practices (ALCP) teacher and student surveys that have been validated with over 35,000 students and their teachers in grades K-3, 4-8, 9-12 and college level. Dr. McCombs has begun a series of books for teachers and school leaders that are being published by Corwin Press.  The first of these books for teachers, co-authored with Lynda Miller, was published by Corwin Press in early 2007.  It is entitled, Learner-Centered Classroom Practices and Assessments:  Maximizing Student Motivation, Learning, and Achievement. Her second book in the series is for school administrators and other school leaders, also co-authored with Lynda Miller, entitled, From Complexity to Simplicity:  A  School Leader’s Guide to Creating Learner-Centered Education.  This book was published in July 2008.


Suzanne Shaffer is  an instructional designer (ID) at Penn Sptate York University. She  works with faculty in a resource capacity: providing information and resources on best practices in education, assisting collaboratively in the course design process and instructing in the effective use of technology in teaching. Her time is usually spent in collaborating one-on-one with faculty, developing resources to help faculty inform teaching practice, conducting workshops, and researching current trends in education.

She teaches college reading courses as well as the occasional ESL course on this campus and sometimes at our local community college as time allows. She uses the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as the conduit through which to try new approaches, measure impact, and communicate results  Over the last year specifically, I have been working with people at the University of Bristol (UK), using the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) to help students strengthen the learning attributes they need to be successful and powerful lifelong learners. Copyright © 2015