University of Bristol MSc in Systems Learning & Leadership

Masters in Systems Learning and Leadership

This programme, awarded by University of Bristol, is designed to help leaders identify and develop their personal learning power, harness collective intelligence, understand systems and facilitate inquiry based learning in their organisation as a vehicle for organisational change. The programme, being ‘enquiry-led’, is highly engaging and practical.  Learning outcomes meet rigorous academic criteria, leading to M-level qualification.

Who is it for?

This programme is for leaders and aspiring leaders in the private, public and third sector as well as in education.  These may be chief executives, assistant directors, senior managers, head teachers, principals and other members of leadership teams. People who want to develop themselves and powerful new approaches to work-based learning in their organisations will benefit from this programme.

What is its purpose?

This programme gives individuals the opportunity to grow, stretch and learn, academically and professionally.  It develops flexible, resilient and confident leadership.  It equips people to lead change and create powerful work-based learning opportunities for their teams and organisations.  Organisations sponsoring participants benefit both from research and development in the workplace and from their relationship with the University.

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