Educating for Lifelong Learning

Professor Ruth Deakin Crick in Sydney

Over 220 Sydney-based educators attended an engaging dinner meeting with Professor Ruth Deakin Crick on Wednesday night 12 May 2010 at Waterview Convention Centre, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park. Professor Ruth Deakin Crick took attendees on a journey that was global in application in understanding ‘learning power’ and the dimensions that have consistently emerged across countries and cultures as most strongly associated with effective lifelong learning.

Ruth focused the audience on the importance of connecting with each individual student.  A complex student is both personal (identity and qualities) and public (actions and outcomes) at the same time.  Within such a focus, Ruth outlined the 7 dimensions of learning power including: changing and learning (a sense of oneself as someone who learns and changes over time); critical curiosity (an orientation to want to “get beneath the surface”); meaning making (making connections and seeing that learning “matters to me”); creativity (risk-taking, playfulness, imagination and intuition); interdependence (learning with and from others and being able to manage without them); strategic awareness (being aware of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions as a learner, and being able to use that awareness to manage learning processes); and resilience ( the readiness to persevere in the development of one’s own learning power).

The audience appreciated Ruth’s emphasis on story as a means of communicating culture and its underlying worldview – a story that reflected the knowledge constructs of each one in attendance. Ruth’s presentation also included practical examples from England, the Northern Territory and Hunter Valley concerning the ways students construct knowledge in the 21st century classroom.

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