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Date Topic Presenter
21st November 2012 Towards   a Systems Model of Coaching for Learning Qing Wang – PhD   Student GSoE
12th December 2012 Grounded   Theory and Systems Dynamic Modelling Dr Mike Yearworth Reader in   Systems, Systems Centre Faculty of Engineering
20th December 2012 Parent Yarns—Learning Together:   parent engagement in Australian schools Tess McPeake – Smith Family, NT   Programme Co-ordinator
24th April 2013 Modelling Learning Dynamics in an Authentic Pedagogic Setting Shaofu Huang – PhD   Student GSoE
16th May 2013 Education reforms and Employability Skills Graduate Profile in Bahrain John Scott, former Chief Executive, Bahrain Polytechnic
12th June 2013 Practical wisdom and the good RE teacher Dr Janet Orchard & Dr Hugo Whatley
12th July 2013 Learning Power, Authentic Enquiry & EnquiryBlogging  —with 10-12 Year Olds: A Report from the Trenches Simon   Buckingham Shum (Open Univ.) & Andrea Curtis (Bushfield School, Milton Keynes)

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