Our vision is to enable people, teams and organisations to increase their learning power and achieve their purpose 

Learning Emergence Community Futures is a Community Interest Company based in Scotland, UK. It grew out of a global research and development network from over fifteen years of collaboration between between researchers the University of Bristol (Systems Centre, Graduate School of Education & Faculty of Engineering),  University of Technology Sydney (Connected Intelligence Centre), Incept Labs, Sydney, the Open University and many practitioner led organisations from around the world including schools, businesses and community groups.

In 2014 the Learning Emergence network crowd-sourced funding for its first platform to host the learning power tools and diagnostics that had been developed across the network. These were taken up organically across the world.

In 2018 Learning Emergence collaborated with DecBlue Ltd an Edinburgh based Fin Tech specialist, to design and build the first release of the Learning Journey Platform, merging their years of experience in Fin Tech with the Learning Emergence team’s years of experience in learning analytics,  now focused on single view of the learner rather than a single view of the customer. 

Learning Emergence Community Futures  was set up in 2018 to work closely alongside Jearni Ltd. The Community Interest Company supports the social enterprise and philanthropic side our our work whilst Jearni is our main trading company. 

Our core values are Trust, Humility, Participation, Change and Integrity.

This side is firstly a historical record of how we have advanced the development of these ideas in dialogue with related approaches, and the growing number of partners who have been testing and refining them in research, practice, policy and enterprise. Secondly it’s a place for dialogue amongst our  wider network of partners, where you’ll see us blogging, sharing tools and resources, and debating the unfolding learning landscape.

We invite you to share your perspectives and explore collaboration opportunities — whether you are a student, a teacher, a consultant in learning and development, in HR,  in research and development, or in policy.

Core Ideas

We decided on the name Learning Emergence because we are very much learning about emergence and complex systems phenomena ourselves, even as we develop our thinking on learning as an emergent, systemic phenomenon in different contexts.

We must shift to a new paradigm for learning in schools, universities and the workplace which addresses the challenges of the 21st Century. Society needs learners who can cope with intellectual, ethical and emotional complexity of an unprecedented nature.

Learning Emergence partners share an overarching focus on deep, systemic learning and leadership — the pro-active engagement of learners and leaders in their own authentic learning journey, in the context of relationship and community. We work at the intersection of (1) deep learning and sensemaking, (2) leadership, (3) complex systems, and (4) technology:

  • Systematicising the development of learning to learn skills and habits of mind (we work with a mature model called Learning Power from University of Bristol)
  • Pedagogies of personalisation with a particular interest in the design, experience and evaluation of authentic enquiry
  • Educational transformation framed through systems thinking and complexity science developing practical tools that help learners and leaders see their work systemically
  • The role of knowledge media in scaffolding learning, sensemaking in organisations, and complex systems analysis through network science.

Learning Emergence has developed what we believe to be the world’s largest database of learning disposition profiles. We are now developing a research and technical infrastructure to integrate this with other datasets, applications and analytics techniques, to research and scaffold deep learning. We established the dispositional learning analytics field — see this presentation and this workshop to learn more…

Unless otherwise stated on resources,
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