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Universities: core business (and analytics) in 2030?
Learning Analytics: On Silver Bullets and White Rabbits

Universities: core business (and analytics) in 2030?

 Ruth and I have the privilege of working with Randy Bass [blog] and team at Georgetown University. Randy is a leading thinker  around the deep purpose of higher education, and how this entails rethinking student qualities, and analytics. Jump to 40mins for his closing comments in this keynote envisaging higher ed in 2030. Here’s the gist: Our calling as a university is the formation of men and women (but many institutions do this of course). However, we do so in the context of a community of enquiry and knowledge creation (fewer institutions do this). Moreover, we do so for the public, common good (fewer still have this explicit mission). These three are interlocked and inseparable. The railroad companies who thought they were in the business of railroads went bust. The ones who thrived understood[…]

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