Taronga Zoo Break Out

Taronga Zoo AnimalsTaronga Zoo Break Out 

Taronga Zoo Break out is a  story written by the Indigenous students of Singleton High School for the school Community in Singleton, New South Wales.  It is an example of how  symbol and metaphor can support the development of student self-awareness and engagement in the process of learning.  Developing a rich and local language for learning, that links to the collective consciousness of a community through metaphors and symbols, is a crucial prerequisite for deep inquiry-based learning. 

The story was  ratified by the Wonnaruah elders,  illustrations are byKerry-Anne at Black Butterfly Designs and the following people helped in the facilitation of the story writing: Tim Small, Bristol, UK and Deirdre Heitmeyer, Jennifer Campbell and Narelle McCormack of the Ka-Wul Indigenous Education Centre.