Rethinking Educational Leadership: an open space symposium

In January a group of   experienced practitioners and researchers in education and business met together in an Open Space Symposium designed to bring fresh thinking to the current challenges facing school leaders and to generate new ideas about leadership development.  The Open Space Technology provided a means of capturing the collective intelligence generated by the group in response to the core question. This report Rethinking School Leadership Bristol Leadership Forum Open Space Symposium Report January 2013 is the result of these two days.  It is designed as the beginning of an ongoing conversation.  

The following themes were identified by a thematic analysis of the Open Space Sessions. Key ideas were highlighted and abstracted from their context,  coded on post it notes and collected together. These were then organised into overall themes which cut across most or all Open Space Sessions and framed using the principles of Systems Designing .

  • Developing and maintaining constancy of purpose
  • Leadership which learns
  • Redesigning Curricula for Deep Learning: Learning Architectures
  • Co-Creating Sustainable Learning Systems
  • Deep Listening
  • The Inner World of the Leader
  • Creating Trust within Community
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