Parent Yarns—Learning Together: parent engagement in Australian schools

During 2012, Australia’s largest children’s’ charity—The Smith Family—organised a series of parent/school engagement activities in Northern Territory schools that aimed to skill parents to confidently communicate with each other and collaborate with school staff to resolve student issues. Known as Parent Yarns—Learning Together, these sessions were facilitated by ViTaL partners, Julianne Willis and Marilynn Willis, who introduced the concept of ‘effective lifelong learning’ in considering how parents can best support their children to succeed at school.  The Smith Family’s vision is to support communities in   improving life outcomes for disadvantaged Australian children, with a particular focus on the challenges of working in Northern Territory schools where over 40 per cent of students are Indigenous.

Seminar with Tess McPeake from the Smith Family on 20th December at 1630 in the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol.

Parents Yarns – December 20th 1630