Teaching for Effective Learning: South Australia Department for Education and Children’s Services

Visiting Fellow Chris Goldspink presents the research and practice from the Teaching for Effective Learning Programme in South Australia at the Centre for Systems Learning and Leadership at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol in March 2012.

The Teaching for Effective Learning Framework was developed as a part of ongoing enquiry in South Australia into the nexus between how teachers design and orchestrate learning and learner engagement. The framework was developed through consultation with international researchers, as well as local leaders and skilled practitioners, about the essential elements of quality practice. The framework provides means of measuring quality of practice through systematic observation of teaching practice and been demonstrated to be valid and reliable in this role. It supports the collection of data for research purposes but also provides a means for teachers to observe and be observed by peers, supporting deeper reflection on professional practice and providing a rich language about quality practice to support professional learning communities and individual professional development. Chris was involved in the research which led to the design of the framework as well as in its testing and use both for research and professional development purposes.