Rethinking Learning & Leadership – Howard Green

The Systems Centre: Learning and Leadership in the University of Bristol’s Graduate School of Education and Faculty of Engineering has launched! Kicking off its expert seminar series was Howard Green, Director of Research and Development at Oasis Academies, formerly Special Adviser on Leadership at the Department of Education, and Visiting Fellow at the Graduate School of Education.

“Has the current paradigm for school leadership, with its focus on professional standards and competencies, taken us as far as it can with our efforts to transform schools? How can systems thinking and processes help us to find answers to some of the complex problems that remain unresolved and often block further progress in schools? The seminar will stimulate thinking and discussion about these questions and propose a refocusing of our approaches to school leadership development.”
[Slides PPTX/PDF]

This was a deeply engaging presentation, drawing on Howard’s years of experience in the trenches and in policy at the highest levels, so it was fantastic to hear him distilling his current reflections on the priorities for the next steps. Please post your reflections here!