Change Stories: teachers’ accounts of how they changed their practice

Visiting University of Kent at Canterbury yesterday, I met Sally Fincher. She is  running an intruiging project called Change Stories, a narrative approach to eliciting accounts of practitioner learning:

Our Question

  • When do you make changes to your teaching?
  • What gives you the idea?
  • What do you do then?

Our Idea: We aim to gather hundreds of real examples of how and when and why educators change their practice.

Narrative is important to authentic enquiry. Even more interestingly, this is a project as part of her work on a Cognitive Edge course, arising from the work that Dave Snowden has been developing over the last decade, on the application of complexity theory to sensemaking. The  narrative database you’re taken to provides an engaging user interface which uses graphical slides and triangles to provide an expressive medium:

Cognitive Edge: story database screen1

Cognitive Edge: story database screen2

Cognitive Edge: story database screen3

So, several levels of connection with LFRnet!

Maybe Learning Futures teachers would be willing to share their stories of quite radical transformation…?